[NAFEX] pyrus ussuriensis

Hélène Dessureault interverbis at videotron.ca
Thu May 1 08:06:07 EDT 2008

Dear members,

I was out checking my trees yesterday and discovered that three of my 10 pyrus ussuriensis will be carrying sustantial blooming very soon. Now, this is a treat that you have to be a northerners to rejoice about. Persimmons and peaches would be definitely out since we had this very morning a -3 C frost this morning. A member sent me scionwood to graft them which I will be doing soon, but varieties won't be for another two years at least and in the meantime I am wondering about the quality of fruits. Anyone with direct experience about the edibility of pyrus ussuriensis pears?

Hélène, zone 3-4
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