[NAFEX] OT? Requesting relevant subjects

John S swim_at_svc at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 20 14:26:07 EDT 2008

Hi, all.  this has been on my mind for some time but the recent thread "Gooseberry Help" triggered this email.

I think we would all benefit from taking the time to make sure the original email for a thread is actually relevant to the topic of the email.  For example, the current "Gooseberry Help" thread seems to be more about boron than the gooseberry issue that started it.  Having "boron" in the subject line would help us.  What also comes to mind is emails from people getting the digest form of the list, responding to one of the items in the digest, but leaving the digest subject intact.

Not having a relevant subject for the thread makes it harder to be selective about what is being read and also makes it harder to find things later on.  I know this would help me and think it would help others as well.



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