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Thu Jun 12 11:30:08 EDT 2008

Here in the DFW area of north Texas we are "blessed" with the wonderfully stinging fire ant.? They are in my lawn, my vegetable garden, my ornamental beds, my potted plants, and even in the small 4 inch pots I use for seedlings and cuttings.? My feet and lower legs stay covered with their stings/bites for most of the summer.? They hurt when they sting/bite and they itch as the bites heal.? I have found only one solution to this problem.? I use Ortho Fire Ant Killer.? One or two tablespoons of the horribly smelling white powdfer eliminates the ants in less than a day.? I will keep having them because my neighbors in this small city make no attempt to control or eliminate these pests.? If you are 110% organic you, of course, cannot use this solution.? I pity you but if you prefer suffering the bites and stings of outrageous ants rather than using a cursed "chemical"? you deserve all of your pain.

BTW these ants will get in okra pods and other vegetables also.? 

I feel certain that the Ortho solution will work with all species of ants.

?Gordon Hale
Grand Prairie, Texas
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