[NAFEX] Neil's note to me, ladders

Neil Hochstedler neilho at innevi.com
Thu Jun 12 07:49:28 EDT 2008

My apologies to anyone whom I have offended in our discussion on ladders,
pruning methods and by my methods of communication. I did not notice that
Alan's email was private- there was no hint of it in the body or title of
the message and as is my habit, skipped the many lines of misc info at the
beginning, failing to notice the address line. 

 I see this as a spirited exchange and respectfully assert that usefull
information has come to light as a result. I've gotten something out of it,
certainly, and hope the rest of you have, too.


At 04:59 PM 6/10/2008 -0400, Alan Haigh wrote:

I would like to point out to anyone who noticed Neil's last post that he
was at least partially referring to a letter I e-mailed to him.  I believe
that this posting should have been submitted to my address and not to the
list at large to spare the members from this kind of pissing contest
because his statements were not directed to the general good of the group
in terms of spreading useful information.
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