[NAFEX] ant colonization of containers

David.Maxwell at dal.ca David.Maxwell at dal.ca
Wed Jun 11 09:35:57 EDT 2008

> PS, everybody know DE is dangerous to breath?

I am a physician.  I am not sure this statement is valid.  It is certainly harmless to 
observe it, but do you know where the idea came from?  I believe that diatomaceous 
earth is basically the exoskeletons of marine plankton, and is made of calcium 
carbonate, the same material that limestone or chalk is made of. 
Might there be a confusion here with silicaceous materials, such as the fine white 
sand used for sandblasting (can't think of the name of it at present)?  Silicon dioxide 
forms an assymetric crystal which (at least according to one theory) interacts with the 
earth's magnetic field, generating tiny electrical currents which are responsible for its 
provoking fibrosis of the lung tissue - the well known "silicosis", seen in hard rock 
Calcium carbonate neither forms asymmeric crystals like silica, nor is it nearly as 
insoluble as silica.  (I suspect any inhaled limestone particles which lodged in the 
lungs would fairly rapidly be dissolved by the body)

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