[NAFEX] mini and columnar Apples

Martha L. Davis martha_davis at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 8 23:45:44 EDT 2008

Before you get too excited about minicolumnar apples I think you want to double check your impression.  Most of Gene's tress are on M27 and p22.  They are very dwarfing rootstocks  they don't really change the growth habit of the tree, just the size.  (He wouldn't have the kinds of flavored apples and all the antiques that he does if he were only using columnar trees. There are just not that many out there.) The Maypole and other columnar apples you see in the Stark catalog are columnar mutations that are grafted on the top of the tree and will be columnar regardless of what rootstock they are on.  

Another comment when I moved here from Illinois our house had 5 or 6 different columnar apples, probably all that Stark carried.  I let them all fruit and only one seemed worth keeping that one was vaguely Macintosh like.  When I talked to Gene he concurred that the only columnar apple he thought was worth eating worth eating was the original Wijcik AKA Starkspur Compact Mac which was a Mac mutation.


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