[NAFEX] Ants

Robert C. Mullins mullins at gaelicmysts.com
Sun Jun 8 23:12:11 EDT 2008

You know I have never really messed with the ants much.  I just have 
always left them alone.  But I noticed something very odd this year.  I 
found some strange tiny brown looking ants that have a very hard 
carapace, and I discovered them because they were very efficiently 
carving up a strawberry plant into teeny tiny little pieces.  I killed 
them manually, and they havn't been back, but I honestly have never seen 
anything like that, save the leaf cutters on Discovery channel.

Any comments?

Robert C. Mullins M.S. IT
GaelicMysts, Owner
Clarksville, Ar
Zone 8a

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