[NAFEX] blueberries and, sigh, one more comment on orchard ladders

Steve sdw12986 at aol.com
Wed Jun 4 23:13:54 EDT 2008

Alan Haigh wrote:
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>  .........................................
> In Neils 2nd response to my ladder advise he suggests that 3 legs can 
> be more stable than 4, a point I won't bother trying to debate but he 
> suggests that his tri-pod is more time effiecient because of time 
> wasted stablizing a loose leg, and that's just plain wrong in my 
> experience. I actually only have to shimmy a leg very rarely on ground 
> that is extremely sloping in more than one direction.  In all 
> the scores of orchards I manage I only have to shimmy a leg a few 
> times a year.  Because the Little Giant system allows you to walk up 
> one side and down the other it vastly increases range between moving 
> the ladder so you spend a lot less time getting off the ladder and 
> moving it.  This makes my work much more efficient.
That makes some sense but how do you walk up one side and down the 
other? Do you climb to the very top and turn around to go down the other 
side, or can you hang onto the top and swing a leg around to the other side?


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