[NAFEX] blueberries, kiwis, grapes, deer

Robert C. Mullins mullins at gaelicmysts.com
Wed Jun 4 23:03:37 EDT 2008

My tactic to growing blueberry's is to visit my local green house and 
buy two of each kind.  ;)

Of course this is extremely haphazard.

Hal Love wrote:
> There are lots of great blueberry varieties out there, but some will do
> better than others depending on where you grow them. I would suggest finding
> local blueberry farms and asking what varieties they grow, and most
> importantly, which varieties did not do well for them.
> Kiwi trellises need to be really strong, as the vines will eventually get
> big and heavy. Hector Black told me his single 'Anna' vine produces 300 lbs
> of fruit each year. When I first saw the enormous vine, I instantly realized
> my trellises were not nearly strong enough. It may take many years to get to
> that size, but that should give you an idea of what you will be dealing
> with. A strong pergola type structure may be the best choice if only a
> couple of vines are going in.
> Deer will eat the new shoots on kiwi vines, but once they reach the wire,
> they should be ok. My trellises have the wires about 7 feet high, and I have
> never had deer problems with any shoots more than about 4 feet up. I use
> wire cages around them until they reach the wire, then remove the cages once
> they have established a trunk.
> Hal
> zn 6/7 TN
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>> My husband and I finally bought a place with room to
>> plant fruit, and now we're hoping we have time to get
>> a few plants in the ground this year. I know it's kind
>> of late, though. I have some questions:
>> What are the best (meaning tastiest, while still
>> fairly high-yielding and trouble free) blueberries?
>> When I look up varieties, all the descriptions sound
>> pretty much the same, except for the obvious
>> differences between the little wild ones and the big
>> cultivated ones.
>> We'd like to plant hardy kiwi vines ASAP, since they
>> apparently take years to get old enough to fruit. Do
>> deer eat the vines? In that case, we shouldn't plant
>> them until after the deer fence goes up. Also, any
>> recommendations for how to build a trellis for them? I
>> understand that they need a lot of support, but what
>> does that mean exactly in terms of materials and
>> design?
>> I had an idea to make our deer fence less ugly by
>> growing vines on it, for example, kiwis and grapes,
>> but this would only work if the deer don't eat them.
>> Any advice would be appreciated.
>> Melissa
>> zone 5, Ithaca, NY
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