[NAFEX] Planting trees 2-3' apart

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Wed Jun 4 10:01:21 EDT 2008

    About a dozen or so years ago, a fellow from the South Eastern Minnesota 
Apple Industry (I forgot his name) wrote a book/pamphlet called, "Plant them 
tight and manage them right."   In it he extolled the benefits of close 
spacing of apple trees, like 4' apart.  Because of the (claimed) benefits, I 
was almost ready to start ordering trees, but, thinking the better of it, I 
decided I wanted to confront him with a few questions.  During our phone 
conversation, he happened to mention that he was talking about columnar 
apple trees, a fact that he hadn't mentioned in his book.  Oh joy!  I wonder 
how many folks followed his advice without knowing what type of tree he 
wrote about.

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