[NAFEX] yellow jackets, help!

Vance Wilson vancewilson at gmail.com
Fri Jul 18 17:22:23 EDT 2008

Ah yellow jackets-something I know enough about to provide value to the
group.  Traps are great, if used early in the season.  By the time yellow
jackets become a real nuisance, however, you cannot trap enough of them to
make much difference.  At that point you need one of two very effective dust
agents called Drione dust and Delta dust.  These are described at:


In my experience, sprays just don't work well for yellow jackets. You'll
need to acquire a dust dispenser along with the chemical agent.  One
application (in the middle of the night to avoid risk of stings) is all it
takes to close down the nest.


Vance Wilson

Plymouth, WI, Zone 5A


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