[NAFEX] compost, peatmoss, and soil ph(& sawdust & woodchips)

tanis grif tanisgrif at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 28 10:56:14 EST 2008

I probably missed parts of recent list discussions on the topics of sawdust &
woodchip use, but I didn't see any mention of these as possible disease vectors. 
For example, I think it's verticillium wilt which survives & moves around to new
locations in fresh woodchips, but not if the chips sit in a pile for 2 or 3 years. 

--- Michael Dossett <> wrote:

> There are lots of different kinds of sawdust but I think most use what they can
> get easily without having it be super expensive.  If the sawdust is on the surface
> it shouldn't need much extra nitrogen (breaks down more slowly) but that depends a
> little bit on how old it is and what the C:N ratio is.  Interestingly a lot of
> growers here were incorporating sawdust in the soil at planting time as well but
> recent research has shown that, at least in good blueberry soil, this has a
> negative effect partly because of tying up nitrogen but also because the plants
> needed significantly (3x or more) water, and even more when they were planted on
> raised beds (now becoming the norm for machine harvest plantings in the PNW). 
> Sawdust on the surface should be beneficial but be careful of what you're
> incorporating and how it might effect the plants.

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