[NAFEX] compost, peatmoss, and soil ph soil testing

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Sun Jan 27 19:36:02 EST 2008

   For some time I have been on the edge of posting on this subject. This latest thread has finally pushed me over that edge.
   All these recommendations are fine and dandy but are like throwing darts in the dark. YOu need a good soil test before you start any fertility program. You cant look solely at ph as your guide. A soil test that focuses on the calcium/magnesium balance. Not ph and NPK.
   Contrary to popular belief you do not need a ph of 5.5 or below for blueberries. The reason this is so widely accepted is that the iron is much more available at that level. However,if you get the cal/ mag in balance and all the other pieces of the pie in line not only will blueberries thrive in a higher ph but the nutrient density will be much higher leading to a fruit that is better for you and a plant that is better able to defend itself against disease and insect.
   Good soil test are often more expensive than the university or extension service but are a much better indicator of what the soil needs for nutrition.
   Oh I thought I had much more ranting on the subject but I guess since it is sunday evening I am to worn out to go on.

Mark    Southern Ohio    sending samples in on Monday

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