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Thu Jan 24 14:44:29 EST 2008

>Basically get yourself several 1
quart paper milk cartons (hope you like milk).  Cut the top off and fill
with your potting medium.  Poke a few holes in the bottom for drainage.
Grow until early summer then transplant.  The transplanting was the 
part of the whole thing.  You dig the small hole, carefully cut the 
of the milk carton off, disturbing as little dirt as possible, set the
carton in the hole and backfill.

Instead of drainage holes, cut the sides or corners 1/2 way through,
all around. If desired, cut 1/4" above the bottom to retain moisture.
The bottom is easier then to cut through later, and it can be tough
at the bottom of these milk cartons.

Additionally, one side cut can be made at a corner, also cutting 
almost or all of the fuyull length, and then taping that closed. cutting
the tape is easy later. Cutting the cardboard, even with a new razor
blade, can mean squeezing the carton harder than desireable just to
hold it fiormly. The tape cuts readily. This makes pulling it back out 
the hole, yet easier. To go whole hog, do this to 2 opposing corners.
You pull 1 side out at a time while holding the top soil down in the
container with your other hand. doing 1 side at a time.

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