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I bought 2 cuttings of a kiwi variety I wanted to add last winter/spring.  I
only used one of them, the other I kept in my refridgerator crisper drawer,
and I occasionally checked the paper towel to make sure it didn't dry out.
I checked the cutting a month ago (to see if I should keep it or not) and
almost a year later it still shows green to the scratch (cambrium).  


S. Hills

Saint Clair Shores, Mi 48080



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The main danger with the cuttings getting frozen is dessication. Swenson Red
should be actually hardy to -25 to -30, but freezing unrooted cuttings can
draw the water out of the cells. Keep them wrapped in moist (not drippy)
paper in a plastic bag someplace where they will stay near 32 (0 C) and they
can be held for as much as a year, if not more.
-Lon Rombough
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I just received a good number of Swenson grape cuttings &I'm  
wondering if I need to keep these in a refrigerator or can they go on  
my porch (which is currently below 0 F)?

Lon Rombough needs answer this question as he is the expert. However, below
zero can damage buds and I would place in the refrig. Also if it gets too
warm the buds can break dormancy reducing the graft success rate. 


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