[NAFEX] Yacon etc/ Jerusalem artichokes

tanis grif tanisgrif at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 16 18:50:37 EST 2008

J.A.s are not always a permanent weed.  I had some on the sandier edge of a garden. 
Stopped watering, let grass grow in, let deer mow them regularly-- no more J.A.s

This has NOT worked where I planted some in better soil.  That patch is still strong
after many years.  So, make use of your sand!

--- "Martha L. Davis"  wrote:

> My impression is that Yacon is not all that hardy and requires and long season
> where Jerusalem artichokes do not.  
> As far as similar crops go I think there are some canna and canna related crops
> that might be worth checking out.  If I remember correctly they have inulin too. 
> Look in one or more of Perennial Vegetable Crops by Eric Toedmister (SP?) or
> Forest Gardening or Lost Crops of the Incas.
> Martha

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