[NAFEX] Inulin/Diabetic Friendly Produce (OT?)

John S swim_at_svc at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 16 00:58:43 EST 2008

I am unable to answer Greg's questions but wanted to comment that I grow both yacon and Jerusalem artichoke.  The main difference for me is that yacon takes a little more effort to store and propagate for the next season while Jerusulem artichoke is harder to harvest and clean.  Yacon tubers are smooth and typically larger.  I prefer yacon taste myself but others differ.  Greg, I think you will like this one.

Gregory Strella <gregory.strella at gmail.com> wrote:
  John's query on yacon reminded me of a question I've thought about posing to the list for some time.  I work with a community garden in a densely urban section of Baltimore, MD (zone 7a, but with additional inner city heat retention).  A number of our most beloved gardeners are diabetic and we grow Jerusalem artichokes partially because of they don't upset their blood-sugar levels.  We've ordered yacon for next season with this in mind.  I'm curious if anyone has tips for other particularly diabetic friendly fare - especially those that are as delicious and easy to cultivate as the two I've mentioned.  

As always, thanks to everyone for the great conversation.

Greg Strella

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