[NAFEX] It's not the soil, it's Australian Pines

Donna &/or Kieran holycow at cookeville.com
Wed Jan 9 22:39:59 EST 2008

Stephen,  Good thing you finally mentioned the trees, I think this website 
about sums up all you need to know about Austrialian pines except how much 
it will cost to get rid of them: 

And here are some comments from another website: 
crowding out the native plants such as mangroves and littering the ground 
with it's seedlings, causing it to spread, as well as it's needles, which 
smother up vegetation by forming a thick "mat" above the soil and releasing 
special chemicals that hurt vegetation, and finally with it's roots, that 
raise the low swamp vegetation by creating small - to- large, highish, sandy 
ridges so that mangroves can't grow there, also allowing over non-natives 
such as Brazilian Peppertree to spread) and can compete with some other 
troublesome exotics and is now banned here in Florida and is on the EPPC 
Plant List One despite it's attractive looks.
And even worse, the plant can fall over very easily in hurricanes and damage 
property and homes and buildings as well as possibly hurt or kill people and 
wildlife, and also the trees can cause massive erosion along shorelines with 
it's thick but shallow, invasive roots. If you have these trees, get rid of 
them as soon as possible, or try to do so!

 it is quite invasive also on the Island of Hawaii, though not slated for 
biological control at this time either.
There is a State Park (McKenzie) in the SE Coastal area of Puna on this 
island where the trees have taken over......no grass grows and the "pine 
needles" have formed a thick carpet that covers almost the whole area of the 
park. An eerie site and feeling as it also cushions most noises. Even though 
there might be other people around, the whole effect is quite lonely feeling 
and ghostly. 

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