[NAFEX] Indian Magic crabapple and others

john bunker jbunker at gwi.net
Tue Jan 8 12:35:40 EST 2008

Derry et al,

Scarlet Brandiwine is a seedling selection of Brandiwine. Brandiwine is late
blooming, incredibly fragrant and each magnificent multi-petaled pink flower
looks like a rose. It is one of the most prized crabapples these days. It
has one quality that the ornamental crab lover hate and Nafex'ers might
love.  The fruit is large for a crab (1" or so),not particularly attractive
and drops early.  A mess.  It is also inedible.  However, it is highly
astringent.  We used the fruit in our cider.  In modest qualities it was an
excellent addition to fresh cider.  It is also a valuable addition to
fermented ciders.

Scarlet Brandiwine was selected and introduced for it's smaller fruit. The
thought is that there is less mess in the yard. It does not appear in
Fiala's book because it just came out recently.

A word about the ZAM varieties.  These are all Lake County Nursery
introductions, bred by the Zampini family.  They are not plant patented but
rather are registered names.  Brandiwine for example is a registered name
that nurseries are not allowed to use without paying a royalty (like Coca
Cola) Brandiwine's name is actually Branzam.  You are welcome to use Branzam
without paying the royalty but who would want to?  These days many cultivars
are being named these bizarre names and then have the "real name"

John Bunker
Palermo Maine

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