[NAFEX] nafex Digest, Re: Pesticides Disrupt Nitrogen Fixation

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Fri Jan 4 21:30:08 EST 2008

>From: "Donna &/or Kieran" <holycow at cookeville.com>
>I don't know if you all have heard that the price of N fertilizer is
supposed to double in 2008 over what it was last year.  Some of it will 
demand for corn for ethanol production (which only comes even close to 
profitable due to US govt subsidies) but my son tells me that the real
problem is that we are running out of natural gas.

This seems to be the case.
Also, 1/2 of our N making companies shut down. Farmers who have N may
be ok. Those w/o solid contracts w/pricing are likely to have little or 
I could offer links, but it seems to be easily googleable.
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