[NAFEX] Fruit trees for chicken yard

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Fri Jan 4 10:07:53 EST 2008

    If I could have chickens (I'm within the city limits and there is a ban 
on farm type animals)...................Anyway, if I could have chickens, 
I'd plant my apple and plum trees in the chicken yard.  From my experience, 
both tolerate fertilizer.  The lowest branches would have to be six or more 
feet up to keep the birds out of the trees, unless one wing is clipped. 
When I used to raise chickens, I clipped the feathers on one wing so the 
best they could do is fly in low circles.  You have to clip them several 
times per year because those feathers re-grow rapidly.
    The main reason for growing plums and apples in the chickenyard is to 
control Plum Curcullio and Apple Maggot.  When infected fruit falls to the 
ground, the chickens will eat it, including (especially) the grubs/worms. 
With chicken control, you'll likely not have to spray.

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