[NAFEX] Suggestions for crabapples for birds?

Donna &/or Kieran holycow at cookeville.com
Wed Jan 2 22:58:05 EST 2008

Welcome, Tom!
    I have Fr. Faila's book on flowering crabapples, and there's one variety 
that he mentions as being very popular with birds in the fall, and then in 
the spring the robins would flop around drunk from the fermenting fruit.  He 
has a lot of details about disease and the size of the fruit, as well as the 
size and shape of the trees.  Worth looking to see if there is a copy in a 
local library.  Mine is at home, no computer there or I could just look it 
up for you.  I suppose we could do it by phone.  There are some crabapples 
really worth avoiding, due to disease problems.  I'm not sure how easy or 
hard some of his recommended trees would be to get, but I'm quite sure that 
if you go through the trouble of getting, planting, tending, and waiting for 
a tree to crop, you'll want it to not only do well, but to do what you 
wanted it for in the first place.  What you can pick up at a local nursery 
may or not fit your bill.  Actually, you'd be wise to call around and see 
what they carry, and then look them up on the Net, keeping in mind that 
nurseries usually won't tell you what's wrong with what they are selling. 
Fiala's book will tell you that.    Donna 

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