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I just finished doing a seminar on "Growing Cold Hardy Peaches in Zone 
5(4b)" at the Chicago Botanic Garden this past Sunday afternoon.  The 
rootstocks I covered and use here at Royal Oak Farm are:

Lovell-A standard here in Northern Illinois- We had about 400 peach trees 
that produced for 15 years on Lovell and saw temps of -20 to -25 before we 
began removing them.  We replaced them with:
Tennessee Natural
Bailey Seedling
Halford Seedling

If anyone would like my Power Point notes, request them off-list and I will 
e-mail you a PDF file.  I will eventually be posting them on my blog, but am 
short on time right now.

Dennis Norton
Royal Oak Farm Orchard
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> Jim, it was recognized that Siberian C was more cold-hardy than Bailey, 
> but there were apparently other problems with it.
> Maybe Minnesota is more consistently cold than southern Ontario. I was 
> told years ago that the station at Vineland here had Sansin apricot 
> (Manchurian, cold-hardy in southern Manitoba) for a while but that it 
> suffered severely after our winter thaws although the historic low at 
> Vineland is only minus 16 degrees F.
> Dr. Hunter told me just now that Vineland or anyway the Ontario Fruit 
> Testing Association has Chui Lum Tao and Tzim Pee Tao peach trees but that 
> no seed was collected from them last year. He said that Ontario peach tree 
> propagation has reverted pretty much entirely to Bailey seedling roots.
> Doug Woodard
> St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
> Jim Fruth wrote:
>> Doug Woodard said, "Siberian C is now regarded as obsolete for 
>> rootstocks. Those who want
>> something more cold-hardy than Bailey........................"
>> Doug,
>>     Someone told me that before so I got some Bailey Peach seed from 
>> Harrow and quickly learned that Bailey will not stand up to Minnesota 
>> Winters. Every one that grew winterkills down to the snow-line every 
>> year, even after our mildest winters - A mild Winter here doesn't drop 
>> below -25 F.  Sib-C, on the other hand, stands up quite well, even 
>> through our coldest Winters. Go figure?
>> Jim Fruth
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