[NAFEX] Getting sprayed with insecticide

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Fri Feb 29 10:20:50 EST 2008

Re:  I remember a meeting where someone said the Solo sprayers drip down
 the back of your leg.?

Mine don't. Maybe something was wrong with theirs -- a bad attachment
where the sprayer hose connects, possibly? Maybe they got it wet on the
outside before putting it on?

    You want to be absolutely sure you don't get more than a few drops of 
spray on you.  You do not want the experience I had: Once when I was 
spraying tall citrus trees in California, there was a sudden, 180 degree 
wind shift with a down-draft.  I wasn't wearing protective clothing (there 
was no wind when I started) and got soaked.  I had violent chills for an 
hour or more.

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