[NAFEX] Mini-Sweet Plum

Kathryn Mathews kathmath at charterinternet.com
Fri Feb 29 10:05:36 EST 2008

If it's a sand or beach plum, I'm wondering if it is a strain or variety
that has been selected for sweetness, fresh edibility, etc.  I recall a sand
or beach plum discusssion on this site a month or two ago.  The information
from most people who had tried them was that most are thorny, small, not
particularily productive or tasty.  They do seem to be very hardy and of
manageable size.  For these reasons, I'd be very interested if someone had
come up with something that was also tasty and productive.
Kathryn Mathews
Southern Minnesota

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  I would think that it is probably a native plum such as Prunus besseyi
(sand plum). They also list a Plum Berry variety that is actually a native
Beach plum.

  Richard Ashton
  Oak Creek Orchard
  bwoodtx at verizon.net

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    Pardon my ignorance, but that's why I joined NAFEX to learn from all of

    Hartmann's 2008 catalog lists Mini-Sweet Plum tree.  The text says its a
high-quality sweet plum that ripens on 6-foot-high trees.  The picture shows
only a clusters of little plums the look almost like big berries and some
tree leaves.  My question:  is this really a plum or something else?

    I emailed Hartmann's inquiring about the botanical name of this tree,
but they haven't answered.

    Doreen Howard
    Buried under feet of snow at the Wisconsin-Illinois border.


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