[NAFEX] So close....

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Fri Feb 29 01:17:21 EST 2008

Very mild here, too, in California's central valley - always mild winters,
but mild in comparison to most.  One of my pepper plants has survived the
winter - we're past our average last frost date, we'll see if it manages to
live through spring and summer...

~ Stephen

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We came SO close to having the mildest winter in the 30 years that I 
have lived in the Adirondacks. I'm judging "mildest", in this case, only 
by the lowest temperature of the season. Most winters we bottom out 
anywhere between -30 and -40. Once in a while, we have had a winter 
where we never got below -25 or 26. Up until right now, the season low 
in my yard was -23. I was starting to think that would be it. Now, here 
we are just after midnight on February 29th and it's already 21 below 
zero. Since no clouds are forecast, I'm sure we'll be good and cold by 7 
I'm not worried about the fruit trees themselves but I was hoping to see 
if a "mild" winter would increase the fruit set on some of the apricots 
and plums.


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