[NAFEX] trimming my Myers Lemon

Bob Randall YearRoundGardening at comcast.net
Wed Feb 27 20:44:22 EST 2008


I grow a lot of citrus here in the ground in zone 9b/10a Houston  
including two Meyer lemons. I also have taught citrus classes for many  
years. Citrus in the ground is very tolerant of cutting.  In 1983 and  
1989 I lost all of a large satsuma tangerine in bad freezes except I  
preserved 1-2 buds above the graft line. I also lost all of a Meyer on  
its own roots down to the roots  I cut the whole tree off each time  
and got my tree back.

Without seeing a picture of what you are describing, I can't be sure.   
But generally I would cut below the last damaged branch with  
disinfected pruning shears or saw.

These trees, in my experience recover quickly.

Bob Randall
On Feb 10, 2008, at 8:55 PM, Ginda Fisher wrote:

> As you may recall, my reliable, hardy Myers lemon suffered some cold
> damage this fall before I brought it indoors for the winter.  (The
> weather wasn't colder that what it's faced before, but it was
> actively growing late into the fall, so it was more susceptible to
> cold damage.)  I am pleased to report that it is recovering nicely.
> The cracks in the bark show a lot of callus filling in, with no sign
> of disease, and the branches that didn't die back have sprouted lots
> of new leaves and grown new twigs.  It even set two lemons.
> It's now very clear which parts are alive and which are dead.  So it
> seems high time to trim off the dead parts.  (Probably past time to
> do so, but I haven't gotten around to it.)  In most cases, a branch
> has died back to a crotch.  Usually, I cut back damaged plants to
> below the damage, so live cambium can grow callus over the cut.  But
> that would be hard in many cases, as the dead part gets so close to
> the base of the new (or surviving) branch.  Is it worth the risk and
> trouble to take a sharp blade and trim off all of the dead wood, or
> would simply cutting it off 1/4 inch or so out be good enough?
> Thanks,
> Ginda
> eastern MA, zone 6.
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