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Wed Feb 27 14:37:43 EST 2008

         Foremost, don't loose those people we now have!
Many groups. are striving to get more members, including churches, 
"bring in the young".  Well, I know several older folks that are 
attending less frequently partly because of all the new 
changes.  Overall, total membership seems to be declining in many 
areas.  The number of home gardens is way low, from many years 
ago.  Except for the up and coming community gardens, that seem to 
draw minorities, as Hmong, where we live.
         In the 60's PTA meetings had a "full house".  As I 
approached retirement, principal, teachers, and maybe a handful of 
parents attended.
         The number of small farms is declining, in favor of a few 
huge operations.  Is it possible there just isn't the number of new 
interested people available and with all the books, magazines, and 
"googling" on the Internet to get information.  There is so much more 
out there vying for our time and attention.  A job, TV, children, 
VCR, DVDs, the library, and especially when retired, volunteer, volunteer. 
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