[NAFEX] Maple sirup making

Ray Kaminski r-jkaminski at att.net
Sun Feb 24 13:54:46 EST 2008

Mark asked about the making of maple sirup and I would like to make a 
comment.  I used to make quite a bit of it and I got my training from 
an old timer about 40 years ago.  First  when we tapped  early in the 
spring (February)you got about a gallon of sirup from 35 gallons of 
sap .  As the season goes along it drops and by the time we pulled 
the taps usually by April 15th  it took about 90 gallons of sap.  It 
becomes a lot of boiling to evaporate that amount of water but there 
is not a lot of other projects going on at that time of year. Next 
when you are finishing it to the right consistency you should have a 
thermometer in it during the day to find out at what temperature it 
is boiling.  This may sound strange but you will find that it will 
boil at a different temperature each day. This depends on the 
specific gravity for the day.  Water  supposedly will  boil at 212 
degrees but the sap will boil anywhere from 208 to 216.  If you know 
what it boiled during the day when you want it judged in fairs or 
exhibits you want it finished at 7 degrees above what ever temp it 
boiled that day.  It takes out any guess work on when it is done and 
it comes out without a burnt taste and a pretty color. You then 
strain (filter) the sugar sand out of it,  bottle it, give away most 
of it and have a happy feeling of job well done. Have some on vanilla 
ice cream and your work will not be for naught!  We never put in more 
than 2 taps in any one tree regardless of size.  That might of been 
because we had enough trees to choose from. Ray

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