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I been researching backpack sprayers, but haven't used one yet.  I read somewhere that the models Solo currently sells have the capability to attach the pump handle on the left or right side.  They sell piston pump models that go up to 90 psi or diaphragm pumps that go to 60 psi.  The piston pumps won't handle wettable powders/water dispensable granules (many pesticides are WP/WDG) because the abrasiveness of the granules is hard on the seals.  The diaphragm pumps are supposed to work well with WP/WDG but they don't put out as much pressure.  Solo's are fairly cheap sprayers but a disadvantage I've heard is that you can't hardly get the pumps apart to maintain/replace any parts.  

I think a long wand will help with a higher reach.  Solo sells a 5ft. wand.  I've also learned SP systems sells even longer wands.  They sell a 66" brass wand and a 78" fiberglass wand.  Although their sprayers are more costly, their SP0 backpack sprayer is a diaphragm that has a working pressure up to 80psi and a max pressure of 150psi.  Their SP0 models also have a built in agitator that "stirs" the mix every time the lever is pumped.

I still don't know for sure which way to go.  Since I already have a 25 gallon electric sprayer, maybe all I need is a 3 gallon hand sprayer as a companion.  Or maybe a backpack sprayer would last so much longer, it would be worth the extra cost.  I need to make up my mind.  Spring is right around the corner.

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  OK-how do these backpack sprayers work?  I have a "trombone" sprayer and have been very pleased with it.  The 2 or 3  gallon pump sprayers just don't have the power to get up to the tops of my trees, plus they have to be continuously pumped up again.  I can get to the tops of my trees with the trombone sprayer, but carrying the bucket around is kind of a pain.  I have about 28 trees.  How do you pump and re-pump the backpack sprayers?  They seem like they would be very handy, except re-pumping them.  And what is the highest you can spray? I need to trim some of my trees back, but will still need to get up probably 16 feet.  Jerry in southern Indiana

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