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Road's End Farm organic87 at frontiernet.net
Sat Feb 23 23:50:17 EST 2008

You pump them while you're wearing them. A lever comes off the tank 
just under your left hand which you use to pump with. (maybe some of 
them can be set up the other way around). The spray wand is at the end 
of a hose that comes around on your other side. You spray with one hand 
and pump with the other. You pump them up before starting (but usually 
after you put the sprayer on your back), and then just pump 
occasionally as you spray to keep the pressure up; you don't have to 
stop spraying to pump. It doesn't take a lot of muscle.

Maximum height depends on the model. Ask the manufacturer. An extension 
wand would probably also help.

Finger Lakes NY; zone 5 mostly

On Feb 23, 2008, at 11:03 PM, Jerrydana wrote:

> OK-how do these backpack sprayers work?  I have a "trombone" sprayer 
> and have been very pleased with it.  The 2 or 3  gallon pump sprayers 
> just don't have the power to get up to the tops of my trees, plus they 
> have to be continuously pumped up again.  I can get to the tops of my 
> trees with the trombone sprayer, but carrying the bucket around is 
> kind of a pain.  I have about 28 trees.  How do you pump and re-pump 
> the backpack sprayers?  They seem like they would be very handy, 
> except re-pumping them.  And what is the highest you can spray? I need 
> to trim some of my trees back, but will still need to get up probably 
> 16 feet.  Jerry in southern Indiana
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