[NAFEX] Answering a maple question

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Thu Feb 21 10:24:52 EST 2008

Jim Elie wrote, "I have been curious to tap a few silver maples in the yard. 
Have you
checked out St Lawrence Nursery's "Sweet Sap" silver maple.  The claim is
that it has a higher percent of sugar than the sugar maple syrup.  The
silver maple is such a vigorous grower."

    I know of a Sugar Maple that yields really a high sugar content in its 
sap but it yields proportionately less of a volume of sap.  That is 
frequently the case but not always.  At a former home of mine, one of my Red 
Maples yielded a normal quantity of 9.2 sugar in its sap.  That tree grew 
adjacent to my septic tank and, while it was probably safe (to eat) sap, I 
never did use it for the thought of it.
    I know of a HUGE Silver Maple with a high sugar content sap that I can't 
tap because it doesn't flow until after bud-swell when the sap becomes 
unpalatable.  That is a common problem with freaks of nature; there is 
frequently something else wrong with them besides the obvious traits.

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