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Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Thu Feb 21 09:48:28 EST 2008

David Consolvo asked, "Hi, what other species do you tap besides sugar 

    I tap Sugar Maple, Red Maple, Sugar Maple and Box Elder, aka Manitoba 
Maple (Acer Negundo).  The Box Elder lends a sort of a buttery quality to 
the (mixed) syrup.  My syrup wins all the taste contents.
    Mr. O, a person from near me, for years bragged to his Vermont relatives 
that my syrup was better than theirs.  When they tired of his comments, they 
brought a sample of Vermont's prize winning syrup, a sample from New York, 
another from Pennsylvania and one from Michigan.  Once here, they selected 
an impartial jury and went for the taste test.  Mine won and Mr. O no longer 
needs to brag.
    I only have a dozen of my own trees and the other 688 are in other 
people's back yards.  I tap alot of trees here in the city and two of my 
"back yards" are in a forest where I collect sap with plastic tubing.  If I 
do the work with my equipment, the land owner gets 25%.  If they do the work 
and bring the sap to me, they get 50% of the finished syrup.
    I have tapped Paper Birch and the finish syrup resembles sorghum 
molasses.  Sweet Birch syrup, from the New England area, is exceedingly more 
    I have also made syrup from Butter Nut but the sap tastes better than 
the syrup.  I have heard of folks tapping Hickory but I know nothing about 

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