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David Consolvo fruitopia at firstva.com
Tue Feb 19 17:35:12 EST 2008

Hi, what other species do you tap besides sugar maple?

My conditions are not great for tapping (too far South), but I do it anyway on the 
one(!) big sugar maple I have.  For the first time we tried a wild maple, and the 
syrup was a bit different but good.  I'd love to know what else I can tap for syrup.

I tried boiling the profuse sap of a cut hardy kiwi vine once.  Just the smell in the 
house made me nauseous and sick-feeling.
~David Consolvo
Hungrytown, Virginia
Zone 7 (becoming 8?)
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>    I've been tapping (up to 5,000) trees since 1971 and have tried alot of 
>different methods.  I'm available for questions.  I make syrup from four 
>different kinds of maple and have made syrup from non-maples too.
>Jim Fruth
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