[NAFEX] Fruit produced from a M111 tree ?

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We grow some of the same apple varieties on M111 and M26 rootstock. I cannot 
tell the difference between the taste of the same variety grown on M111 or 
M26.  We have Jonathan growing on M111, M7, Mark and B9 and we mix all those 
Jonathans in the bins after they are picked and washed and there is no way 
anyone could tell you which apple came from which rootstock after they have 
been mixed in the bin.

Before using M111, you might want to consider the size of the resulting 
tree.  We have some M111 that are 15 feet tall!  I prefer the more dwarfing 
M26 or B9.  Hope this helps!

Dennis Norton
Royal Oak Farm Orchard
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>    Hi,
>       Does anyone know what the fruit is like from a M111 rootstock? I 
> understand that the fruit form a M26 is quite good in its own right.
>    I have a source for M111 and thought I may just use the rootstocks 
> themselves as fruiting trees if the resulting apple is decent. Thanks.
>    Peter Drevniok
>    Gatineau, Quebec zone 5

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