[NAFEX] Two Questions

Claude Jolicoeur cjoli at gmc.ulaval.ca
Mon Feb 18 19:59:40 EST 2008

A 14:17 08.02.18 -0600, vous avez écrit :
>    Does anyone, besides me, make maple syrup?
>    Is Maple a 'legal' subject with NAFEX?
>Jim Fruth

This will be my 3rd year doing it. First year I tapped for 15 buckets,
second year I added 8 and this year I will be tapping 30.
I also bought a better wood stove last fall, for which I found last week a
nice used 24 x 24 evaporation pan in stainless steel that will fit nicely
on the new stove. I plan in doing between 2 and 3 gallons of syrup.
This is mostly an occasion for having fun with the children and friends...

I guess that, technically, since maple syrup has nothing to do with fruit,
it should not be a topic discussed in this list - but hopefully our
moderator will let this message go by.

Claude, in Quebec.

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