[NAFEX] Edible woodies for landscaping

Sarah T. Lovell Sarah.Lovell at uvm.edu
Mon Feb 18 18:51:32 EST 2008


I am new to this group, but interested in edible woody plants that  
might be appropriate for community and residential settings in Vermont  
(Zone 4, marginal 5 with global warming).  I am an Assistant Professor  
at the University of Vermont with a focus on Ecological Landscape  
Design and the analysis of Multifunctional Landscapes.  I plan to  
establish a trial at the Vermont Horticulture Research Center  
(http://www.uvm.edu/pss/dept/hort_farm/) this summer to evaluate and  
demonstrate shrub and small tree species that could be incorporated  
into local landscapes.  I'm selecting species based on the following  

1. Produce edible fruits or nuts for consumption by humans
2. Low maintenance so they will not be rejected by landscape managers
3. Height <25' so they can be harvested easily
4. Some ornamental value - showy flowers, bark, interesting structure  
or texture, or good fall color

Several specific questions include the following:
1. What is the most cold hardy selection of Asimina triloba?
2. Do Corylus avellana 'Contorta' or 'Pendula' produce nuts?
3. Does Amelanchier x grandiflora come in a small version?
4. Who else is involved in related research?

Any advise on species or specific cultivars would be greatly appreciated.


Sarah Taylor Lovell, MLA, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Plant & Soil Science
University of Vermont, Burlington, VT 05405
Ph. 802-656-0466  Email: Sarah.Lovell at uvm.edu

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