[NAFEX] Pruning and Dormant Spray

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the sulfur  your notes refer to is micronized sulfer a powder not the same 
thing as lime sulper
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>> Why would you have to separate the 2 sprays by 2 weeks of time?
> Well, my notes say "Do not apply within 14 days before or after using
> sulfur or captan." I didn't, unfortunately, make a note of where I saw
> that, but I know I've seen it several times on the Internet. So I just
> figured that included 'lime sulfur.'
>> First things first: what are your reasons for applying dormant oil?
> Er,... because I thought I was supposed to?  :-)
> I've got to say that this stuff is REALLY complicated. I've been
> researching and researching, but there's so much to it. I've been trying
> to distill it down to the basics, but that's not easy. And I've got such
> a variety of fruit trees, bushes, canes, and vines - all pretty close
> together in my backyard - that I must be careful that what I use on one
> plant doesn't cause problems for another. Or, of course, cause too many
> problems to bees, worms, or other beneficial creatures.
> Very basically, it seemed like a dormant oil spray and a dormant spray
> of lime sulfur would work for almost all of my plants, not cause any
> problems, and help to prevent other problems. Not so?
> My dwarf trees are, at most, two years old. I've had grapes a year
> longer than that (no problems there, so far), and black raspberries for
> awhile, but everything else is very new. Last summer, I had a *big*
> problem with oriental fruit moths. I also had aphids on many trees
> (especially the pears) and gooseberry worms. But this will be my first
> year for fruit on most things (I hope), so I'm not sure what else I'll
> find. (Note that I did spray with dormant oil last March.)
> Regarding diseases, I haven't had much trouble yet (again, I haven't had
> fruit), except that a couple of my apple trees were hit by scab pretty
> bad (and apple rust is a big problem around here, too, I believe). I've
> had coryneum blight on my apricot, but I sprayed it with chlorothalonil
> after the leaves dropped last fall. And if my ID is correct, my
> raspberries are just loaded with anthracnose (though I've never sprayed
> them in the past, and it hasn't seemed to harm anything).
> So I don't want to spray too much, but I'd really like to get fruit this
> year. And I'd like to avoid problems, if I can. But then, that's why I'm
> asking for advice, I guess.  :-)
> Bill
> Lincoln, NE (zone 5)
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