[NAFEX] Pruning and Dormant Spray

William C. Garthright billg at inebraska.com
Mon Feb 18 16:08:54 EST 2008

> Why would you have to separate the 2 sprays by 2 weeks of time?

Well, my notes say "Do not apply within 14 days before or after using 
sulfur or captan." I didn't, unfortunately, make a note of where I saw 
that, but I know I've seen it several times on the Internet. So I just 
figured that included 'lime sulfur.'

> First things first: what are your reasons for applying dormant oil?

Er,... because I thought I was supposed to?  :-)

I've got to say that this stuff is REALLY complicated. I've been 
researching and researching, but there's so much to it. I've been trying 
to distill it down to the basics, but that's not easy. And I've got such 
a variety of fruit trees, bushes, canes, and vines - all pretty close 
together in my backyard - that I must be careful that what I use on one 
plant doesn't cause problems for another. Or, of course, cause too many 
problems to bees, worms, or other beneficial creatures.

Very basically, it seemed like a dormant oil spray and a dormant spray 
of lime sulfur would work for almost all of my plants, not cause any 
problems, and help to prevent other problems. Not so?

My dwarf trees are, at most, two years old. I've had grapes a year 
longer than that (no problems there, so far), and black raspberries for 
awhile, but everything else is very new. Last summer, I had a *big* 
problem with oriental fruit moths. I also had aphids on many trees 
(especially the pears) and gooseberry worms. But this will be my first 
year for fruit on most things (I hope), so I'm not sure what else I'll 
find. (Note that I did spray with dormant oil last March.)

Regarding diseases, I haven't had much trouble yet (again, I haven't had 
fruit), except that a couple of my apple trees were hit by scab pretty 
bad (and apple rust is a big problem around here, too, I believe). I've 
had coryneum blight on my apricot, but I sprayed it with chlorothalonil 
after the leaves dropped last fall. And if my ID is correct, my 
raspberries are just loaded with anthracnose (though I've never sprayed 
them in the past, and it hasn't seemed to harm anything).

So I don't want to spray too much, but I'd really like to get fruit this 
year. And I'd like to avoid problems, if I can. But then, that's why I'm 
asking for advice, I guess.  :-)

Lincoln, NE (zone 5)

I had a lovely evening. Unfortunately, this wasn't it. - Groucho Marx

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