[NAFEX] Pruning and Dormant Spray

Claude Jolicoeur cjoli at gmc.ulaval.ca
Mon Feb 18 15:03:57 EST 2008

At 14:33 2008-02-18, you wrote:
>I need to prune and to spray with dormant oil, and I'd also thought to
>do a dormant spray of lime sulfur (apparently not within two weeks -
>either side - of the oil?). But if I want to do all of these as late as
>possible, is that going to work?

Here in any garden center, up to a few years ago, I could buy "Combined 
dormant spray" where you mix lime sulphur with dormant oil in the same 
spray. Now, they don't sell it anymore because of some idiot regulation, 
and I have to buy a bottle of each. On the instruction, there is still 
written the dosage for the combined spray.

Why would you have to separate the 2 sprays by 2 weeks of time?


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