[NAFEX] ikonboard, a better solution to a listserver

Kathryn Mathews kathmath at charterinternet.com
Mon Feb 18 10:22:31 EST 2008

Me too.  It doesn't seem that the volume we are currently generating (except
for this discussion on membership and web alternatves) is too large to have
coming into my email every day.  If we regularily got a lot more postings to
the mailing list it would be overwhelming and then it would make sense to go
to a bulletin board, but until that happens, I'd just as soon keep it the
way it is.
Kathryn Mathews

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  this is the other karen agreeing with these sentiments.... i like the
chatter coming to me.

  karen tillou
  oregon city, OR - zone 8a and wet

  On Feb 17, 2008, at 6:09 PM, Karen Kellogg wrote:

    I like the mailing list too. I like the chatter coming to me, not
    me having to go find it. I can always google a topic for
    information, but what happens on this NAFEX list seems to me to be
    more of the kind of talk one would have over a backyard fence with a
    neighbor who also gardens or grows fruit trees.

    The backyard 'over-the -fence' exchange is certainly archaic and
    antique, but it suits me just fine. If all this chatter goes to a
    bulletin board where I have to search out various threads and try to
    remember what I was interested in and where it was, searchable or
    not, I would not be bothered to do it.

    Send it to my in box and I read some, scan through some, save some,
    delete some. What I end up with is the lore of the members in my
    own useful format: a folder, a note on an index card, a printout.

    Up to date? No. But I prefer it.

    On Feb 17, 2008, at 8:48 PM, Robert Mullins wrote:

      'Rooting' was absolutely accurate when he described email listings
      'antique', but it would be more descriptive to say it's 'archaic'
      from a
      technological perspective. I have wide interests, and read across the
      board in many disciplines and I simply don't know anyone still using
      mailing lists as a repository of information.
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