[NAFEX] ikonboard, a better solution to a listserver

Jwlehman at aol.com Jwlehman at aol.com
Sun Feb 17 22:03:08 EST 2008

garuda2 at comcast.net wrote:

Send it to my in box and I read some, scan through some, save some,  
delete some.   What I end up with is the lore of the members in my  
own useful format:  a folder, a note on an index card, a printout.

Up to date?  No.   But I prefer it.
Thank you garuda2. I'm sure there are many of us that agree. 

Some of we antiques like antique ways. Not all the latest and greatest is. I 
want the mail coming to me that I may select to keep material stored in my 
computer for future reference. Web sites with advertising junk coming at me 
aren't appealing. 

Are all or you with all this advise for the web master paying members? 



Ideas to please picky eaters. Watch video on AOL Living.
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