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Alexander Dragotin a_dragotin at yahoo.de
Sun Feb 17 08:48:00 EST 2008

  Hi Mark,
  I am waiting for a detailed answer of your question since the day before yesterday to, as I have rooted grape cuttings dibbling the cuttings in the spring outdoor in the garden before the buds moved and my outcome wasn't 100 percent. 
  It seems that we should be content with the advices, given by Ron J. Rombough:
  Obviously he doesn't follow the conversations now otherwise he would share in.
  Or the found by Google seeking for grapes+cuttings+rooting as:
  http://gardeningfromthegroundup.us/Grapes%20from%20Cuttings.htm and
  http://www.gardenstew.com/about546.html by Michael J. McGroarty. 
  Wishing a good luck,

Mark and Alisha Fehringer <markandalishafehringer at peetzplace.com> schrieb:       Hello,
 I am trying to  callus a small group of grape  cuttings as a 'practice run' for a larger group I will be doing this spring. The  cuttings were well hydrated. I dipped them in rooting powder and planted  them in potting soil in a 1 gallon plastic pot and used a heat lamp to maintain  a soil temperature of 80-85 degrees.  After several weeks there wasn't any  callus. I put them back in the heat for another week or two, and still no  callus, but green buds are pushing out. Can the cuttings essentially rot before  they callus when in soil?  Would it be better to use something more sterile  like perlite?  My intention was to let them callus and root directly in the  pots, and I could plant them in their permanent location this spring.  What  would happen if the ends of the cuttings were clipped a little shorter to expose  fresh cambium and start over?
 Northeast Colorado 
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