[NAFEX] test bulletin board

William C. Garthright billg at inebraska.com
Sat Feb 16 14:06:47 EST 2008

> I cannot read this with my oldish eyes; background tooooo dark.

I have this problem, too. My eyes aren't THAT bad, but younger folks 
often design websites that are hard for me to read. I'm sure they just 
don't realize the problem, but they will when they get older. You need a 
lot of contrast, and you need to make sure that we can enlarge the 
typeface without garbling the page.

I didn't log in, so I'm not sure about the large type situation. But I 
think you need to increase the contrast even more. I'm glad you didn't 
use a 'busy' background, because those are especially bad. But if it's a 
choice between looking pretty and being easy to read, I know which I'd 

Also, could I ask about the advantages of a bulletin board over our 
current system? I like getting - and replying to - emails, though many 
bulletin boards preserve that feature. And I belong to a lot of Yahoo 
Groups, which can be accessed on-site or by email. I'm just wondering 
what the advantage would be in changing our current email list.



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