[NAFEX] grape callusing

Drevniok colleendaly at videotron.ca
Sat Feb 16 12:22:54 EST 2008

    When I prune my grapes I keep some cuttings - perhaps 12-16 inches 
long. I cut one end on an angle, deep into into rooting powder (for 
hardwood cuttings), then
    make a hole in the soil that I have put in a gallon pot and stick 
about 6 inches below soil level. I keep the soil moist and I get about 
60 -75%  success rate (I put
    about 6 - 8 cutting per pot). I prune in March/April and prepare the 
cuttings soon after; if it is still freezing hard I bring in the potted 
cuttings and  put them out later.

       Peter Drevniok,
          Gatineau, Quebec zone 5

Ginda Fisher wrote:
> Mark, every spring when I prune my canadice grape I put a few one foot long 
> lengths of vine into two small vases on my kitchen windowsill.  I've done 
> this for about 5 years now, and I think 100% of them have sprouted leaves 
> above the waterline, and grown callus and then roots below the waterline.  
> Maybe canadice is just especially easy to root.  I've never tried any other 
> grape.  But that's my suggestion - put it in a vase and wait for roots.
> ___
> Ginda
> eastern mass, zone 6
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> On Fri, 15 Feb 2008 08:23:18 -0700 "Mark and Alisha Fehringer" 
> <markandalishafehringer at peetzplace.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am trying to callus a small group of grape cuttings as a 'practice run' 
> for a larger group I will be doing this spring. The cuttings were well 
> hydrated. I dipped them in rooting powder and planted them in potting soil 
> in a 1 gallon plastic pot and used a heat lamp to maintain a soil 
> temperature of 80-85 degrees.  After several weeks there wasn't any callus. 
> I put them back in the heat for another week or two, and still no callus, 
> but green buds are pushing out. Can the cuttings essentially rot before 
> they callus when in soil?  Would it be better to use something more sterile 
> like perlite?  My intention was to let them callus and root directly in the 
> pots, and I could plant them in their permanent location this spring.  What 
> would happen if the ends of the cuttings were clipped a little shorter to 
> expose fresh cambium and start over?
>> Mark
>> Northeast Colorado 
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