[NAFEX] electronic and membership discussion

Robert Mullins mullins at gaelicmysts.com
Sat Feb 16 11:50:26 EST 2008

Hello all,

Thank you Linda for such accolades.  I am a basic designer and like to 
keep things as simple as possible.  I am sure many of you have visited 
bulletin boards before.  They are great because they are searchable, and 
require very little in the way of computer power.  BUT, before any 
decisions are made, perhaps it would be a good idea to get a 'TEST' 
board up just to see how peoples systems respond to it.

I currently have a simple test bulletin board up on my personal 
website.  Please be advised this is NOT a permanent board, but only a 
test to see if peoples computers are able to handle it.  You can view 
the board at;
You will need to register if you want to leave a comment, but don't 
worry it's not a registration you will have to keep up with, as we will 
be taking it down after a couple of weeks anyway.

In addition:
My motives:  many of you might be wondering what my motives are for 
volunteering for this. 
     1.  I have benefitted greatly from such esteemed growers already 
from this mailing list and want to contribute in whatever way I can.  I 
am just getting started with my orchard so in a very real practical 
sense I am a growing moron.
     2.  I fear the future climate for growers, heirloom collectors, and 
people who have the skill to actually do things is dwindling 
dramatically.  Not to 'dog' walmart, but I personally am concerned about 
the dying local community and all those millions of dollars that get 
carted off from our little towns to parts across the globe.  So I feel 
compelled to contribute.
     3.  I don't sell rootstock, scionwood, or any other nursery 
plants.  Everything I do as a hobby I basically give away on a local 
level.  I do not have any monetary interests in my volunteer work. (I 
may write a book someday but I digress.)

If the board or whatever governing body of NAFEX decides to NOT do this, 
that is perfectly 'OK' with me, I only want to do what is good for the 
group.  Change is hard, and like many of you I don't command a hefty 
salary.  In addition to my beginning orchard, my woodworking shop, my 
multiple websites I manage, and five children I have plenty to do.  ;)  
But if I can help in any way whatsoever I am willing.  This is a great 
group and the combined wisdom is absolutely staggering to someone like 
myself, I would love to see that wisdom preserved.

Finally:  (as if this weren't already long enough)
      All of my volunteer work for Pomona/NAFEX will be on THAT 
particular website.  I do not claim ownership of anything I do for the 
group.  I am merely volunteering any help I can provide.

If you have any questions for me specifically, feel free to email me at 
mullins at gaelicmysts.com

With deepest regards,
Robert C. Mullins

L. Watson wrote:
> I'm a new member of NAFEX who learned about it from an enthusiastic 
> member at a native-plants conference last summer. I joined because I 
> wanted to learn from those who knew what the best cultivars and 
> techniques were so I could make the best use of my limited land to 
> create an edible forest garden and deal with our ongoing drought.
> I'd love to see NAFEX accept with enthusiasm Robert Mullins' very 
> generous offer to put Pomona in PDF form and rework the website. I'm in 
> marketing and website design too and know that a good designer makes the 
> content and medium work for the audience, not against it. Professional 
> presentation will make it easier to find and understand what you are 
> looking for and will attract new members.
> On the other hand, if Pomona becomes reprints of selected emails posted 
> on this list, then it becomes worthless to me. Even now, it is much less 
> valuable to me than this list and the prospect of going to a conference 
> or on tours. Different members join for different reasons.
> It's distressing to see people who love plants *and* technology scorned. 
> I'd also hope for a more welcoming term for new members who want to 
> learn from the core members than "parasites." I hope in a few years to 
> have enough experience to add to the discussion.
> ... Linda
> Douglas Woodard wrote:
>> Amen, brother.
>> I think we have to remember that the people who provide the core value 
>> of NAFEX are the people who have some land (in many cases in the 
>> boondocks where it is cheap), actually do stuff with plants and spend 
>> their spare time doing *that* kind of thing, have collections of 
>> uncommon cultivars, have been around for a long time, have learned a lot 
>> of stuff but probably have not invested a lot of effort in information 
>> technology. [...]
>> People like me who are not in this "core-value" group are kibitzers, 
>> parasites. users of the value created by the core-value people. [...]
>> Doug Woodard
>> St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
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