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> Question: What kinds of expenses does Nafex have?  Production of Pomona, web 
> hosting, any others?  What are they?

For some reason I didn't see the treasurers report in Pomona for 2005 & 2006. 

Here is a part of the report made at the 2007 annual meeting by our 
treasurer, John deReeder.

Year                                                                    2005  
Pomona, printing, postage, editors' honoraria  $19,344.12    $19,072.73
Honoraria other then Pomona                             5,699.50         
Non-Pomona postage and printing                      1,524.53          909.90
Web site                                                                 
63.00            99.90
Fees, Misc.                                                            217.29 
$26,848.44    $25,723.53
Gross Revenues                                               $23,804.93    
Years' decline or increase                                  ($3,043.51)   

Revenues increased and black ink was posted for 2006 after the board voted to 
increase memberships from $13.00/year to $19.00/year. For several years the 
NAFEX financial reserves covered the shortfall. Our web masters donate their 

Under discussion now by the Research Committee is proposing to establish a 
NAFEX foundation for research grants. At last summers annual meeting the 
membership body showed great interest in such. It is the goal of the committee to 
present to the membership at next years' annual meeting, their plans for 
modification and/or approval.  The committee also plans to have their proposal written 
as an article in the next Pomona.   



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