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> This is paramount.  Web stats and surveys show that while many folks 
> have broadband, the majority do not.  Add to that that most rural areas 
> are on dialup or have shared slow service and it is clear than bandwidth 
> hog websites might be pretty, but they quickly cut off most of their 
> intended market.  We'll be going for easily maneuvered content 
> primarily.  We'll make other stuff available for folks who have 
> broadband and those who don't mind waiting, bu there will definately be 
> no splash pages, few java applications, no animations, etc. 
> Additionally, it should work a simply as possible due to software issues 
> as well.  While many of us do have newer software packages (me 
> included), many of us do not like the resource hogs newer software 
> versions have become (me included) and for no real good reason.  I'm not 
> a person who favors bells and whistles when they don't make sense and 
> detract from site usability.

Barry is right on.

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