[NAFEX] Membership: additional thought on fees

Road's End Farm organic87 at frontiernet.net
Fri Feb 15 15:57:26 EST 2008

Something to remember about the affordability of fees: not only does 
whether an amount seems like a lot vary drastically from person to 
person, for many people it isn't just a question of "can I afford to 
join NAFEX?" It's a question of, "how many of these equally worth while 
and fascinating organizations/info sources can I afford to subscribe to 
this year?" I get requests to join/help fund far more such groups -- 
even if we only limit it to groups involving fruit exploring/seed 
saving/farming/environmental groups, and leave out all the others -- 
than I could possibly afford to pitch in on. Even after I delete the 
ones whose finances or tactics I'm dubious or unhappy about, there are 
still too many.

The decision is, at least in my case, partly force of habit. But 
whenever I can't resist the temptation of adding somebody, the 
likelihood is that somebody else, next time their renewal is up, will 
be dropped off the list. For what it's worth, this email group 
increases the chances that NAFEX stays on: I feel guilty enough not 
writing articles for Pomona (I have no idea why it's so much easier for 
me to post email), but I would feel guiltier yet staying on this list 
if I let the subscription lapse. (just checked: I'm paid up through 
summer 08.) But I found the email list through Pomona, not the other 
way around. I no longer remember how I came across Pomona; but my guess 
is that I picked up a copy either at a conference, or in the free 
basket at the library. So I think conferences and libraries are good 
places to scatter some around.

Finger Lakes NY; zone 5 mostly
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