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Please keep it simple!  Whatever works on older & slower computers.  I have yet to meet a gardener or orchardist who wants THE lastest computer & associated graphics.  And who can afford it?  I use friends' & libraries' mostly older computers.  Too many new websites, and "improvements" of older websites, don't work well or won't download at all on them.

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> Subject: Re: [NAFEX] electronic and membership discussion
> All,
> I have been resisting the urge to reply to all this for some time now,
> however..... I am not currently a contributing member of NAFEX, however
> I have been planning to be for some time. (I'm lazy I know). In any
> case, my undergraduate was in Marketing and my Masters degree was in
> IT. So with that being said;
> 1. I am willing to volunteer to put Pomona into Adobe In-Design. It is
> the gold standard for creating marketing collateral, and for creating
> professional looking PDF's. Whatever I can do to help please let me know.
> 2. I am also willing to work with whomever on a website re-design. I
> have created numerous dynamic websites for several clients of whom I
> maintain to this day. I have created forums, dynamic picture galleries,
> blogs, etc. etc. etc.
> I won't charge for my services at all, and will consider it a labor of
> love for NAFEX. So for what it is worth, I am willing to help if I can.
> -rob

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